Eugene Carbaugh provided an overview of the Harold McCluskey (age 64), who became known as the Atomic Man. On August 30, 1976 Harold was working in a platinum finishing plant where a chemical explosion in an ion exchange column occurred. The blast of radioactive material caused debris to hit his face.  Eugene commented on the immediate actions of clothing removal and face flushing with water.  Numerous baths and showers followed.  Measuring the contamination was a new experience using a gamma camera and detector.  The initial treatment included Ca-DTPA with Zn supplement for five days followed by Zn-DTPA for another five days.  Harold received 583 grams of DTPA over a five-year period.  During August 1987, Harold died of congestive heart failure with no signs of cancer.  Apparently the medical treatment was effective and he died of natural causes.   His treatment has become the standard for today’s medicine.