Dr. David Bond returned to PK Rotary for an update on the most recent Kennewick School proposed Bond.  During the 2009 Bond the emphasis was on elementary schools while the 2015 bond concentrated on middle schools.  This upcoming bond has emphasis on high schools.  In brief the Kennewick High School opened during the 1951-52 school year.  Both Kamiakin and South Ridge High Schools have classroom portables.  The Bond would replace most of Kennewick High School and make modifications to Kamiakin and South Ridge High Schools.  Additionally, every three years Kennewick’s population is growing requiring another elementary school.  Elementary School #18 is proposed in this Bond.   
What will it cost homeowners?  For $200K of assessed value the tax would be $5/ month.  Dr. Bond reminded us that in outyears our taxes will decrease because the State is paying a greater share for education. The Supreme Court has ruled the State needs to play a greater role in supporting education.